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ArtEZ | MA Fashion Strategy | Generation #26 | 2016 - 2018

Within this two-year Master course I took on the challenge of critically reviewing the current fashion system and developing personal strategies for the future. Through various courses like Business Strategy, Fashion Analysis, Visual Strategy and a wide range of expert lectures, I explored my aspired position in the fashion industry. Specific research topics I chose were; fashion service systems (repair, second hand or lease), timeless aesthetic and the re-use market.

Amsterdam Fashion Institute | BA Fashion & Branding | 2011 - 2015

The four-year bachelor program of AMFI allows students to explore their personal and professional role in the industry of fashion. I chose for the Fashion & Branding program, where I got to practice my branding skills through various media like brand books, retail concepts, installations, photography, film and styling. My most important findings; an inherent skill for visual communication and enthusiasm for sustainable solutions.




Spring House | Community Host, Shop Manager & Stylist | 2015 - present

Spring House is a co-working space and members club for innovators at the IJ waterfront in Amsterdam. It has been my workplace and second home for the past years. My role as Community Host includes welcoming guests at the reception desk, care taking of the building and making 200+ members feel at home. Within the team I took on additional projects like in-house styling and managing the Spring House Warehouse. As shopmanager I am responsible for maintaining a curated collection of products that are linked to the Spring House vision and member projects. As stylist I guard the identity of Spring House with regard to decoration, tableware, utensils and stationary.

Freelance Graphic Design & Branding | 2015 - present

Since 2015 I have taken on several design projects together with Joël Baaten. The assignments varied from logos and brand identities to menus and posters. With a common love for simplistic, but bold design, we help starting businesses translate their values into colours, typography and lay-outs.



Filippa K | Style Advisor | 2015 - 2016

Filippa K is a conscious fashion brand dedicated to a carefully curated and long lasting wardrobe. Next to their women and menswear, the brand runs initiatives like garment lease, a sustainable front runner line and Filippa K second hand. As style advisor I was in daily contact with Filippa K customers, assisting them in search of a fitting garment or outfit. Other activities where keeping the store neat, welcoming and well supplied. While working at Filippa K I gained extended knowledge on (sustainable) textiles and on the building blocks of a timeless wardrobe.



Lena the Fashion Library | Community Engagement & (visual) Strategy | 04/2017 - 07/2017

LENA is an Amsterdam based fashion library where subscribers can borrow second hand garments and accessories. LENA joins the fight agains overconsumption and waste mentality by offering an alternative; a shared wardrobe. The LENA-subscriber base has grown into a community of fashion pioneers that rethink the act of shopping for clothes. As part of my MA (Fashion Strategy, ArtEZ) I joined the team for a three-month internship. My goal was to expand the subscriber base and make the community more visible. I worked on a series of subscriber testimonials which included an interview and photo session.



Golden Joinery | Communication, (visual) Strategy & Branding | 04/2017 - 07/2017

Golden Joinery is a collaboratively developing clothing brand initiated by fashion designer Saskia van Drimmelen and theatre director Margreet Sweerts. Inspired by the Japanese technique Kintsugi, where broken porcelain is healed with gold, they made the translation to fashion. Through the Golden Joinery workshop and game people are invited to repair their broken garments with golden materials. I joined Golden Joinery during my MA (Fashion Strategy, ArtEZ) as an intern for three months. The goal of my internship was to enhance the visibility of Golden Joinery as a brand. I developed a strategy that included the use of newsletters, Instagram and a company brochure. Additional activities were preparing a website page to feature the workshop and photography during workshops and exhibitions.