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Golden Joinery


Golden Joinery

Golden Joinery is a collaboratively developing clothing brand initiated by fashion designer Saskia van Drimmelen and theatre director Margreet Sweerts. Inspired by the Japanese technique Kintsugi, where broken porcelain is healed with gold, they made a translation to fashion. Through the Golden Joinery workshop and game people are invited to repair their broken garments with golden materials. The goal of my internship; enhancing the visibility of Golden Joinery as a brand.

GJ front.jpg

Instagram | @golden_joinery

In order to spread the message of Golden Joinery and tell its visual story, I developed and implemented an Instagram strategy. Instagram has proven itself to be a useful tool when it comes to storytelling and connecting to an audience on a daily basis. Based on the nomadic and sensorial character of the Golden Joinery workshop, I decided for images showing tactility and diversity in surroundings. With the Golden Joinery universe being much more than repairs alone, the array of subjects grew naturally. Subjects like; print inspiration, exhibitions, people, joineries and quotes. 

Sources (from top to bottom)

1 | Repair by Femke Baljet at atelier Painted Series (2013)

2+3 | Repair by Tina Fisher for Tilda at Dutch Design Week

4+5+7 | The Gentlewoman, issue 13 (2016). Photo: Lena C Emery

6 | Golden Joinery workshop at Cure Park (2017). Photo: Lisa Zwiep

9+12 | Golden Joinery

10+11+13+14 | Here and There by Nakako Hayashi (vol.6, 2006). Photo: Anne Daems and Kris Kimpe

15 | Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, exhibition: 'No Liability for Wardrobe' (Vienna, 2015)

16+17+18 | Golden Joinery workshop at Cure Park (2017). Photo: Lisa Zwiep

19 | Image: Emmeline de Mooij

20+21 | Cure Park (2017)

22+24 | Golden Joinery video

25+26+27 | TextielMuseum, exhibition: ‘Earth Matters’ (2017). Photo’s: Lisa Zwiep

28+29+31+32 | Image: Emmeline de Mooij

30+33 | Repair by Danielle Baca at Anti_Fashion (2016)

34 | Photo: Nadege Winter

35 | Anti_Fashion (2016)

36 | Alice Thembi at Anti_Fashion (2016)

37+38 | Anti_Fashion (2016). Photo: Golden Joinery


Handout | PDF

Part of the strategy to position the Golden Joinery workshop was the development of a company handout. While actively approaching potential workshop hosts, this brochure can give a convenient recap of the Golden Joinery website. By showing examples of the meditative, collaborative and performative elements of the workshop, we could emphasise its specific approach to the act of repair. Or in short; showcasing how this workshop differs from others.

Texts & Images | Golden Joinery

Graphic Design | Lisa Zwiep


Workshop page | goldenjoinery.com

The Golden Joinery website gives information on the brand, its collection of repairs and the game among others. But in order to present the workshop as a product in itself, just as the Golden Joinery game is, we decided to give it an individual spot on the site. Together with Saskia and Margreet, I curated images and texts for this new page. With practical details, past locations and visual examples, the workshop got more tangible. 

Texts | Saskia van Drimmelen, Margreet Sweerts and Lisa Zwiep

Graphic Design & Website | Jakub Straka i.c.w. Sepus Noordmans and Andre Fincato

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