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My MA (Fashion Strategy, ArtEZ) graduation project, titled Kura (2018), joins the debate on wastefulness in and beyond fashion. Based on my love for searching and selecting second-hand items, I positioned myself in the re-use market. Kura is a treasure house and the overarching roof under which I show and sell the possibilities of re-use on four levels; Archived, Pre-owned, Re-invented and Processed. This continuous project is the creative playground where I present myself as a conscious, but not too serious, curator and storyteller.


Research > The Market

An early and essential step in my research was to map existing concepts in the re-use market and explore where I could come in with a new strategy. Visiting various online and offline stores and talking about their way of working helped me to position Kura. After dividing the players into five categories, I started combining the ingredients that fitted my vision. Out of those experiments grew the idea of a four-level collection; bringing together archival, pre-owned, remade and recycled objects and garments. 

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Research > Curation

Being a treasure house, Kura houses a carefully curated collection. In order to specify my selection criteria and formulate Kura’s aesthetic, I developed a set of exercises. The proces of selection was at the base of each assignment and the chosen items were analysed on shape, detail, colour and price level. The overarching title for the outcomes was ‘long-term curation’, meaning; strong materials, functional design and a clean aesthetic. With an eye for bold colours and graphic line plays, Kura hunts for a balance in minimalism and playfulness. 


Collection | @kuratreasures

Within the re-use market, various types of businesses exist alongside. Thrift stores, independent designers, innovation driven brands and online marketplaces to name a few. Being a curator I can easily spend hours searching and selecting only to find a single treasure. For those looking for treasures as well but rather spend their time differently, curated collections offer a solution. The Kura collection is not only curated, it also brings four takes on re-use together. Those takes are referred to as collection levels.

The first level, a personal archive of garments and objects, is the base that functions as an exhibition and aesthetic guide for the other levels. A pre-owned collection, a collaborative reinvention of an archive piece and a selection of recycled products complete the concept. The levels have individual characters, but are connected by Kura’s overall aesthetic. 

Sources (from top to bottom)

11 | Hermès Petit h. Photo: Park & Cube

14 | Work of Anneloes Gerdien van der Vinne. Photo: Lisa Zwiep

24 | Spring House. Photo: Lisa Zwiep

All other photo’s and graphics: Lisa Zwiep


Pop-up | 01-10 June 2018 | @kuratreasures

As part of my final project presentation, I decided to develop Kura’s first pop-up. This first physical appearance functioned as a showcase of the collection and my identity as curator behind Kura. As generation #26 we were given the opportunity to exhibit our work at the Fashion Design Festival Arnhem during State of Fashion 2018 in Arnhem. This event took place in the former V&D building, fitting seamlessly with my belief in re-using the existing.