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IOsphere on Hemp


IOsphere on Hemp

IOsphere is a collective that was build by Generation 26 (MA Fashion Strategy, ArtEZ) under the guidance of Judith ter Haar, Lecturer Creative Curation & Forecasting. As a group, we formulated a forecast on the spirit of time; a move away from the current ego-system and towards an ethic of care. We envisioned an ecosystem with our six individual identities working together. With the IOsphere vision as our fundament, we worked on a branding strategy for hemp as a sustainable material for the future. Within the group I represented the identity of Co-exister and conducted a research on the soil sustaining qualities of hemp. In addition, I was responsible for the graphic design of the posters and booklet. 


IOsphere philosophy

An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with their environment, functioning within a natural equilibrium. This equilibrium has been brought into disarray. Contrarily, our world is centered around a capitalist ethic, promoting an ego-system. The inhabitants of this system do everything to survive.

We believe surviving in a faulted system is not the same as thriving. Within every individual is the poten- tial to reach a higher stage of awareness. We envision a move towards an ethic of care. The emphasis is on responsibility to others, not merely to those closest to us but to that ever-enlarging circle of community and nature itself.


Field trip StexFibers


Branding Hemp

“Plant the seeds of change!”

“The time is ripe to reaffirm a connection with the very earth we walk, the ground we farm and breed on”

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Project presentation Modefabriek 2016

This forecasting project was developed by students of the ArtEZ Fashion Strategy Master together with Judith ter Haar; created for project Going Eco, Going Dutch, an initiative of ArtEZ Centre of Expertise Future Makers, with support from the Province Gelderland and the City of Arnhem

Master Fashion Strategy Generation 26 Chet Bugter, Rebecca Nevins, Lisa Zwiep, Zareb Hoeve, Elisa Kley, Jamie van Dijk, Britt van den Berg

Under the guidance and art direction of Judith ter Haar, Lecturer Creative Curation & Forecasting

With the assistance of Asu Aksu

Special thanks to
Ben Ratelband (Stexfibers)